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Work with me

and let's create impact and momentum! 

Whether you are interested in one-on-one private coaching or team coaching, I love the change that we can create together towards the goals you have for your life and you business. Did you know you are 95% more likely to accomplish your goals when you work with a coach that holds you accountable to your vision? I am here to create a custom coaching experience that propels you farther and faster than ever before AND we get to have fun doing it! Can't wait to work together!


Work one-on-one with Hollis to assess where you are, get clarity on what you want, establish goals  and get yourself on the path to achieving those big dreams. We co-create your vision, by working from the goal and identifying limiting beliefs that are creating a block. We incorporate empowering thoughts and daily milestones that bring your vision to life. I create a custom coaching experience for each of my clients and connect them with the mindset tools, habits and actions that will create lasting change. 

Private One-on-One Coaching Program


  • Completely customized coaching support

  • Bi-weekly 60 minute calls

  • Accessible text support in between sessions

  • Establish a clear goal, unblock limiting beliefs and create momentum towards the goal



Hollis is a keynote speaker who shares her experiences as a mother and 7 figure business owner. She talks about her entrepreneurial journey and openly and honestly discusses the wins and the struggles of managing all the things. She speaks from the heart, sharing her story, knowing it will resonate with so many others. She builds connection and creates impact, inspiring others to take action and create the lives they want to build. She facilities workshops on leadership for individuals and groups and creates customized content for each workshop that is aligned to the groups values and goals.

Speaking & Workshops

Investments start at $1500 CAD

  • Over 13 years of entrepreneurship

  • Established a 7 figure business

  • Builds teams with empathy and thoughtfulness

  • Mother to 4 children under 8 years of age

  • Inspires you to take action on your goals

  • Gives you tools and habits to spark change

  • Speaks and shares from the heart

  • Creates a lasting impact


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